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Release Hip Flexors


Thrival Hip Flexor Techniques

The Hip Flexors are important muscles to treat when you are looking to relieve low back pain and to improve hip mobility. This is not only important for active people, but if you sit for long periods, such as working at a desk, spending time  on these techniques can help ease the pain from sitting. 

One Thrival for “Every-Body” to Release Hip Flexors

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Release the Iliacus with Dr. Dan Rukeyser

Like the psoas, the iliacus is a powerful hip flexor muscle. Normally it is very difficult to self-treat this muscle. Foam rollers on the hip flexors are ineffective and other psoas tools just don’t have the versatility to get to this muscle. After treating the psoas, use this method to stretch the other important hip flexor, the iliacus.

Release the “Psoas” with Dr. Dan Rukeyser

Thrival Muscle Recovery: The Thrival Method is a type of self or assisted manual therapy that uses the Thrival Muscle Recovery Device to manipulate the skin, myofascia, muscles, and tendons by direct compression and joint ROM. With Thrival’s fully adjustable attachments you can get results a foam roller never could.

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