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We invented Thrival because no other Psoas release tool really worked all that well. We soon realized that the problem with most self-manual therapy tools is that they aren’t adjustable for different size bodies. Thrival is. And adding different shaped attachments lets us use Thrival on all parts of the body. That’s how Thrival became the one tool for “every-body”.



Whether you want the Full Body Release to target specific areas for muscle release, just need the Bullseye for the on-target focus of hard-to-reach areas, or a psoas massager tool, Thrival has a package just for you. Not sure yet? Browse our most popular packages here, or head over to the Find My Thrival page for an in-depth look at all the options. Either way, you’ll know you are getting the right Thrival for you!

You know you need better self-care. But, let’s face it, foam rollers and lacrosse balls for active recovery are time-consuming and inefficient. Typical one-size-fits-all psoas tools just don’t fit most people. When you want one tool that does it all, and the confidence to use it right for your whole body, Thrival is the all-in-one tool for every-body.

Start by finding the right Thrival package for you. We’ll help you decide exactly what you need. No more, no less.

You’ll use your Thrival with confidence, knowing that we are right here with you. Here are the step-by-step video instructions on using Thrival for every part of your body!

Know that you’re in great company. Some of the top athletes in many sports use Thrival to stay in the game

What Athletes Are Saying

athlete Testimonials

The Thrival muscle recovery board is my number one mobility and recovery tool. The versatility it has makes treating sore muscles, aches and pains incredibly easy. This board will forever be a part of my daily routine.

Dallin Pepper

Professional CrossFit Athlete

The Thrival board has become an essential part of my daily routine. considering the demands ski racing puts on my body, maintaining peak condition throughout the season is only possible with Thrival by my side.

River Radamus

US Olympic Alpine Ski Racer

Thrival is the best recovery tool I have found because of its versatility! With the different attachments and adjustability of the board, I can target any muscle I need. The psoas release function is my favorite, and it helps keep my body feeling healthy and mobile.

McKenzie Flinchum

Professional CrossFit Athlete