Meat Grinder, Ballhead and Back Stretcher Upgrade (Board Not Included)


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  • This package comes with two Back Stretcher attachments, two Ballheads and two Meat Grinder attachments. This set does not include the Thrival Release Board or Travel Board, one of which is required to use these attachments.


  • BACK STRETCHER / BALLHEAD / BULLSEYE, YOU ARE YOUR OWN THERAPIST: The Ballheads are most similar to two lacrosse balls, except they can do so much more. The issue with lacrosse balls or a peanut (two lacrosse balls taped together) is that they aren’t tall enough to reach most areas and they do not adjust. The Ballheads fix both of these shortcomings.
  • The angled Meat Grinder attachment heads allow you to mimic the curved hand of a therapist using the gravitational pressure of your own body. The Meat Grinders can even be reversed to point outwards to attack muscle groups such as your iliacus.
  • The Back Stretcher puts your back into extension which releases pressure between the vertebrae of the back. This extension in addition to the Back Stretchers ability to provide deep tissue pressure due to the narrowness of the ridges releases the back unlike any other product. Furthermore, the Back Stretcher is the best product for the thoracic spine because of its ability to fit/adjust between the shoulder blades.

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Weight 5 lbs

Carbon Black, Mutli Colored – MG BS BH Upgrade


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