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Improve Hip Mobility


Hip Mobility Techniques

With Thrival you can self-treat all the muscles around the hip, including the Psoas muscle. This allows you to eliminate the muscular, fascia, and tendon issues that cause poor hip mobility. Here are some videos on improving hip mobility with Thrival.

Release the Hip Rotators with Dr. Dan Rukeyser

The hip rotator muscles are very often involved in hip injuries. Tightness, adhesion and trigger points in the hip rotators can cause pain and injury to the hip joint and entrapment of the sciatic nerve. Piriformis syndrome is a condition of the hip rotator muscles can can be misdiagnosed as sciatica. This is understandable because the sciatic nerve runs directly through the hip rotators.

Release the Glute Maximus with Dr. Dan Rukeyser

The glut max is one of the most powerful muscles of the body. It is critical for power in almost any sport, including golf, baseball, soccer and crossfit. Using Thrival, we can self treat the glut max more effectively than using a foam roller for the hip.

Release the Hamstrings with Dr. Dan Rukeyser

Better hamstring flexibility is a goal of many athletes. With improved hamstring flexibility, we can prevent injuries like hamstring tears, hip strain, and low back injury. This method of self manual therapy of the hamstring will increase hamstring flexibility and eliminate trigger points and hamstring adhesion.

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