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Common Sports Injuries

By now you probably understand that Thrival is the world’s most versatile self manual therapy tool! But, if you feel a bit confused about which Thrival package is perfect for you, have no fear… we’ve got you covered. Use the handy Find My Thrival dropdown menus below to decide which Thrival tools are right for you.

Thrival Full Body Release


Concern: As an MMA fighter, I work out every part of my body, and flexibility is critical. What tool can I use to maintain the flexibility of my whole body?

You say “entire body”, we say “Thrival Full Body Release”! Pro mixed martial arts fighters use Thrival Full Body Release to keep up their demanding training, stay injury-free and maintain mobility.

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Thrival Full Body Release

Mountain Biking

Concern: I’m a mountain biker. I need a way to loosen up tight, hips, shoulders and back muscles. 

For mountain bikers, the Thrival Full Body Release is your best friend. Professional mountain bikers swear by the Thrival Full Body Release package because you can use it on your entire body. Whether it’s the Meat Grinder for shoulders, the Bulls Eye for the Pectoralis, or the Back Stretcher for the back, Thrival Full Body Release has got you covered.

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Thrival Full Body Release


Concern: I’m a runner and I need something better than the foam roller for my IT band.

Oh… we get it. You can use the Meat Grinder for the absolute best way to treat the IT Band. Here’s a video. But don’t stop there. Thrival is the best tool on the market for runners. We recommend the Thrival Full Body Release for Runners. Because it comes with the Meat Grinder for the IT Band, the Back Stretcher for the Quad, the Bullseye for the feet, Thrival Full Body Release is the manual therapy tool for runners.

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Thrival Full Body Release


Concern: I’m an avid skier, but after a day on the slopes my back is killing me. How can I use Thrival to help that?

We know all about that! We’ve developed a Thrival Method for skiers and have helped US Olympic skiers relieve low back pain from skiing. Try this method using the Meat Grinder and the Bulls Eye, found in the Thrival Full Body Release Package. With Thrival Full Body Release, you’ll also get the Back Stretcher, which is the best tool for working on your entire spine.

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